I am a Lancaster County native. I went to Warwick High School, received a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication from Millersville University, and am currently completing a Master of Arts in Communications from Penn State University, Harrisburg. I have a diverse background working in Government Administration for the Departments of Human Services and Labor & Industry, Marketing for the private sector, and a small business owner.

I love social media and marketing.
I love reading about it. I love learning about it. I love to see it done properly and I dislike seeing it done the wrong way. Most of all, I love engaging in it. Whether it is blogging, uploading killer content to Facebook, tweeting my latest thoughts, sharing informative articles on LinkedIn, or showing off my family on Instagram, I seriously LOVE social media.

I am involved in Social Media in my day job, with my business, and with various side projects. This is why I have begun training and coaching and helping local businesses develop their Social Media Marketing strategies.

Radio Background
I began my career at 16 working at FM97 WLAN until I was 22. At FM97, I worked as a Promotions Assistant, Production Assistant, On-Air Personality, and DJ. Because I am fluent in Spanish, I also worked at Lancaster’s only Spanish-Language radio station, 91.3 WLCH, on weekends as an On-Air Personality and DJ.

Government Administration
After graduating from Millersville in 2007, I began my post-college career as an Income Maintenance Case Worker at the Department of Human Services in Chester County.

From 2009-2015, I worked for the Department of Labor & Industry as a Business Services Representative and Social Media Manager at the Pennsylvania CareerLink of Lancaster County.

Business Owner, Wedding DJ, Marketing Guy
I took my love for DJ’ing to the big time and started a business with my best friend. The company went from zero clients to an average of 30 every year. The company is an award-winning DJ business.

Family Man
I live in East Petersburg with my wife and our two daughters + our dog Henry. When I am not busy exploring social media or DJ’ing, I can be found going on walks with my family, bird-watching, star-gazing, hiking, gardening, and playing with my daughters and Henry!