Mike McHenry
Project Manager & Support Coordinator at Enginuity LLC

“If I was building or growing a team, the first person I’d want on it is Eric. He’s creative, freely offers ideas and solutions to problems, and takes ownership of major projects. His combination of skills, personality traits, and drive is rare and I hope someday you get to witness him in action.”

Taken from LinkedIn:
Angie Berry
Angie Berry
Intake/MIS Aide at ResCare

“Eric is very patient with customers who are working through some frustrating circumstances of the unemployment system. Eric also handles the spanish-speaking clients, and has presented workshops for clients, while remaining to be detail oriented with all the paperwork involved in his position. I have heard multiple customers request to speak with him because he is a great resource for them as well as co-workers.”

Andrew Sheely

Community Resources Coordinator (Case Manager) at Lancaster County Reentry Management Organization

“In a world full of endless bureaucracies and policies that guide policies in regards to other policies, it’s nice to know someone who is both comfortable and willing to think outside the box in order to solve a complex problem. Eric is one of those people. Musically and linguistically talented, Eric also has the critical thinking skills needed to stand out in a world that seeks to conform everyone to the status of automaton. As a co-worker I appreciate his hard-working, honest approach to his job, and his willingness to coordinate with others in achieving a common goal. Eric has proven himself to be trustworthy and dependable in a society where those qualities in a person seem to be harder and harder to find. If you’re looking to meet someone who is genuine, smart, intuitive, and dedicated, look no further.”

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